What We Do

Who We Serve

We serve the needs of the developmentally disabled adult. You probably know someone. They're your brother or sister, friend or neighbor, a loved or unloved one. We are here for them. They live with us 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In small groups of five to seven friends, our residents live in men- or women-only homes and are attended by our registered caregivers.

What We Teach

We teach life skills. For most, it means showing them how to take care of their bodies - it's their personal hygiene, what is needed for daily functioning. For others, it may be instructing them how to prepare food, how to cook. For the skills in between, we're here to help our residents reach their limits of independence.

We have daily exercise regimens where our residents can use our own equipment or participate in outdoor activities and sports.  Opportunities exist for bowling, fishing, train rides, movies, and much more.  With multiple trips for other events throughout the year, our residents are given every chance to widen their experience and enrich their lives.

And, we help them reach out to others through organizing volunteer work groups and joining in community celebrations. They are part of their community. If you live in, or your organization operates within, close proximity to us, reach out to us if you know of or are planning events where our residents are welcomed to participate. We look for, and many of our residents crave, the opportunity to widen their horizon and become involved in the community.

How We Train

We offer sklls-based training in computers, begin to teach, or build upon their already present, reading skills through individual learning opportunities, and encourage expression through arts and crafts. This is an aspect of our resident's lives where volunteerism can have a great impact. If you haven't checked out the opportunities for volunteering as an instructor, think about Getting Involved.

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