Deer are a common occurrence at New Hope Farms due to its ideal rural setting near Goldendale, Washington.
One of many upgrades required in the last couple years was the drilling of a well and construction of a new watertank to support current residency levels and future growth.
From donated funds and labor, New Hope Farms recently added a new sign to welcome visitors.
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  • Where Our Heart Is...

New Hope Farm's mission is to provide full life care for adults with developmental disabilities in a safe, comfortable and respectful home environment centered on the Christian faith. It is a program of spiritual values, job skills, social skills, educational skills and self-help skills with a primary emphasis on facilitating development of self worth through small group living in a community of love and acceptance.

  • What Our Hope Is...

All of our residents will have the opportunity to experience wholeness of life and attain their highest potential. It is in the atmosphere of small group living that discipline, responsibility, respect for self and others is learned. More important it is a spiritual unit, held together by love for each other and a willingness to share total life experience. For some of our residents, independent living may be a natural outgrowth of their experience at New Hope Farms, and for others, living in the community of the farm may be the highest level of independent living attainable.

  • Where Our Home Is...

New Hope Farms is a community situated in a rural setting just outside Goldendale, Washington.  We are a non profit 501(c)(3) organization and therefore all your donations are tax deductible under the allowable guidelines of the US Internal Revenue Service and Washington Department of Taxation.

President's Message

Thank you to all... read more of the President's Message.

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